Discover the redest, the bluest, the pinkest and the spiciest wines. Functional Foods proudly presents the Gik Live! wine selection!

  • Gik Blue, internationally known as “the first blue wine in the world” and also the most controversial.
  • Unicorn Tears, a unique pink magical wine that brings happiness and optimism.
  • Forged in hell’s wineries, with a fierce hot flavor, this peppery wine should be consumed with foresight. Bastarde piquant wine: the preferred choice of capsaicin enthusiast or foolish wine drinkers from all around the world.
  • By drinking the different blends of wine with tea, your palate will savour an spectacle of flavors, aromas and fruity notes that it has never before explored. An exquisite pairing of two elegant beverages that refine our glasses and cups since immemorial times.
    • Tokyo - white wine with Japanese tea
    • Delhi - red wine with Indian tea
    • London - red wine with English tea