The Veterano bakery-patisserie is a family business founded in 1983 in the center of Ierapetra. In Veterano, not only will you find a wide variety of typical pastries, but also all kinds of traditional Cretan products, especially the traditional “kalitsouni” (also known as “lychnaraki”), the “stafidoto” and the “kserotigano”, that will add to your total experience of the local kitchen . Moreover, the company specializes in the production of bread and rusks, offering many different types of bread, as well as the original traditional Cretan rusk, such as “dakos”, “kritharokouloura”, wheat rusk and many others.


Following the needs and tastes of the modern society and keeping our good faith in quality and tradition, the company has managed to gain pancretan and national recognition through the production of the traditional Cretan rusk, specifically the Cretan Eptazymo rusk, with a recipe that requires a lot of effort, enthusiasm and  skill, all combined with the use of pure, natural ingredients. In 2010, a new production unit, specifically designed for the traditional Cretan rusk, was created.


Today, the Veterano bakery is a one-of-a-kind business in the production of the traditional Cretan eptazymo, keeping the values of the Cretan tradition and bringing the benefits of the original Cretan Diet to its customers, by distributing its packaged products to selected vendors within Crete and the rest of Greece.